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I’m an illustrator and watercolour painter living near Munich. 


Drawing and painting have always been a large part of my life and I’ve explored many creative fields and different media: Starting with acrylics, then oils, I did an apprenticeship as a gilder in Munich, followed by a year long course to become a Kirchenmalermeisterin (which translates as master church painter, but mainly involved learning to paint with a variety of traditional techniques and paint-recipes from as far back as the Middle Ages). After that I painted murals for a couple of years, for about one year I was focused on oil paintings of water, then portraits in pencil and oil.
In 2018 I discovered what an amazing medium watercolour can be. Since then I’ve been exploring the wide range of techniques this medium offers and attended workshops with some incredible artists, including Lev Kaplan, Ilya Ibryaev, Viktoria Prischedko, Cesc Farré and Eudes Correia. 

In my paintings I focus on atmosphere and the effects of light and try to discover which characteristic details are necessary to create a convincing impression. The countryside in Ireland and Bavaria, my old home and my current one, are the main subjects of my landscape paintings. Animals are my other favourite subject and I love to capture expressive poses and a bit of their unique personalities.


In 2022 I created 70 illustrations with watercolour and ink of the water mills that used to be scattered all around the part of Bavaria where I live and of all the ways they were used. Visit my illustration portfolio to see a few examples. These were for Claus Eder, a local author who has self-published many books about the history and culture of the Bavarian countryside. Click here to see them on his website. The new book on the historical use of water power in the Isar valley is called “Mühlen an der Isar” and was released in 2023. 

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